May 10, 2012


 Anyone who has known me for at least 1 week, knows I like matchies, however my matchie fetish has subsided of late, for no reason but that we have bins and bins and bins full of clothing and well... there aren't always matchies. But this time the girls (who like to dress and redress babies) found a pair of matchies and all I wanted was a nice picture.
 And... it wasn't happening.
 By this point (and yes, that grundgy pair of tights is gross, don't ask, I don't know), I knew that my 2 littlest girls (as opposed to the middlest or the biggest girls) have been around the 3 stooges way too long. 
 Poppy the prodigy.... who I really wish would become the potty-gy.
 No... I don't really have prodigies... at all... in anything... except mess making.  I think they were all born that way.
 Once again, I'm not sure the meaning of this picture or who the photographer was but it struck me kind of funny.
 Oh my goodness, rejoice with me, Merry completed the entire level 2 Saxon Math. 
 The next day Rosie and Frodo finished their Math... Teaching Textbooks.  Yeah... we like Teaching Textbooks.  Even Eowyn the math dunce likes it.... even if she is enjoying Math 5 grade levels behind.  However, where there is a weakness there are strengths, she's an awesome reader.
 Frodo brought in some wild bunnies today.  So we googled to find out if we could raise them, he reaaaaaallly wanted a bunny by this point. But alas the website I found said to leave them in the wild but to check on them.  So Frodo put them back.    And do you know... when he checked on them... the neighbor's dog had gnawed them all up... to death. So there were funerals and burials today. 
Galadriel and Marigold out for a walk.  Marigold will only walk holding hands, when we try to get her to walk for real she is still playing ol' jello legs.


  1. Did Marigold do that face plant by herself, or did Poppy have something to do with it? She's got such an impish look on her face.

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  3. How cute! I tried to accomplish the same thing with the matching outfits and did not succeed in getting many good shots.