May 2, 2012

Drivers' Ed

Well, this evening Sam and Galadriel started drivers' ed.   I'm not sure I'm happy about this.  No, actually, I'm downright scared (as Galadriel and Eowyn are making plans to do my shopping at Costco but wondering what they'll do about money..... haha)   It was the parent/student orientation this evening. During the part when the parents were together without the students I learned that we are waaaay different than anyone else in the room.  We had to gather in little groups and talk about any number of subjects of our choice.  One was "What is your strategy for knowing where your child is and what they are doing while at the same time giving them freedom?"  I just sat there  listening to the various strategies in a silent awe (and ignoring my husband snorting with suppressed laughter).  "My child has to call me when he/she arrives at the destination, then they have 5 minutes to text me a picture of some object that I ask them to send me." or "I put a [thingie] in the car that tells me exactly where they are, how fast they go around corners...."  I was glad the lady next to me liked to talk .... alot... as she asked me "What is your strategy?" And before I could finish saying, "Ummmmm..." she went on with her strategies.  Methinks I live in a different world because when we met up with our kids, Galadriel said to me, "I was the only one in a skirt and I didn't feel embarrassed at all but everyone else was very underdressed, they wore shorts that fit like underwear!"   Yeah.... guard your eyes my children.... guard your eyes. 


  1. Oh and thanks be to God that you are waaay different! Too bad there aren't more like you (-: and your children--who understand about trust and respect and the Fourth Commandment--which greatly diminishes the need for "strategies."
    I'll never forget the terror of that first time with my son at the wheel--how on earth do you teach them EVERYTHING they need to know to be safe? My youngest will be 18 in July--so far he hasn't been interested in learning to drive. I feel like a taxi driver at times, but I do think I have a little less grey hair (-: May God bless you all and keep you safe!

  2. Thanks for the great laugh. FYI, my five-year-old has asked me about ladies jogging through our neighborhood, "Why are those mommies running in their underwear?" Yes, one wonders.

  3. LOL, Julie, I have tears in my eyes over your husband snorting, you being in awe, and your daughter's view on things. So awesome, but also so funny!