June 2, 2012

Must See

Ok, Aragorn and I just got back from seeing For Greater Glory.  Excellent, excellent! I plan to take the oldest 5 to see it... they are soldiers of Christ afterall.  Viva Cristo Rey!

Personally I didn't think it was too violent, most of the battle moments were short and not dragged out.  The torture sessions were to the point to give you the idea but not overdone and not to the point of gruesome and grotesque. (your heart may burst though!) To me it was an even mix of battle and strategy/story building.  Don't get me wrong, it was violent... wars usually are....  But since Martyrdom is our Catholic Heritage, there was a beautiful purpose in it. 

As far as purity issues, there is one extrememly short shot of some women in their 1920's underthings and a couple is in their bed talking (if that would even count).  I do not recall the Lord's Name taken in vain or any bad words. The government army did burn a crucifix and desecrate a church and there are many shots of hung men.  If you aren't sure whether you want your children to see it... check it out for yourself first.

Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio  (couldn't you eat him up?)  "backgrounder" for the movie HERE

And what amazed me most?  This was less than 90 years ago! 

 And while we are at it, this was a very enjoyable 5 hours!  Pride and Prejudice (TV mini series) 
And this Jane Eyre is excellent too.  Incidentally "Young Jane" was played by "Lucy" from Narnia :)

I also really liked George and the Dragon, however, I watched it several months ago so I don't even remember anything about it. I am one of those "it's a new movie after a week" viewers.  Totally forget them.

Just in case you were wondering.

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