June 29, 2012


What happens when we have our first broken bone, which was just a finger, I shudder to imagine if it had been a leg or something.

 Pippin decided he had to have a broken arm in a sling, too.  That's Merry with his clubbed hand.
 Pippin had to have a clubbed hand, too and Eleanor the broken arm in a sling
 But it's only fair if Eleanor has a clubbed hand and Pippin a broken arm again. By this point Galadriel said, "I think this blog should be entitled "Nuts" because they are nuts!"
 If you have ever listened to the NPR radio drama "A Canticle for Liebowitz", you can see "Rachel" on Eleanor's shoulder.
 Now we have one broken arm-finger and 2 with amputated arms.
 And now, I am told, Eleanor is a "Thark" with 2 broken arms if you don't know what a Thark is, that is fine because 1.  you won't think any less of me and 2. it would just prove that my children have watched John Carter one too many times.
Ok, the Thark with his ears and tusks.  "Pippin! Get the skewers out of your mouth!!"


  1. NPR made Canticle for Leibowitz into a radio drama? I adore that book. I've read it at least three times. It's a monster of a book so I'm curious what parst were distilled into a radio drama. Is the radio drama done with seriousness or is it a mocking thing?

  2. YES! A Radio drama that is very, very well done! It isn't mocking at all. The parts are played very well. They display the characters very well... but I never read the whole books. The CD is no longer available, we have only been able to get it from the library. I really liked it.... I think I'll get it again :D

  3. It is on-line:

  4. Better link: