June 3, 2012

Pippin's First Holy Communion

Oh Happy Day!
 Originally Pippin and his cousin were going to make their First Holy Communion on Corpus Christi Sunday, but as it turns out it was changed to June 3rd.  I was so delighted as today is Trinity Sunday and our feast day. (Trinity Acres, does have a Feast day). And to share the day with the Blessed Trinity!
 We were blessed to have Fr. Isaac say the Mass and bring Jesus to them for the first time.  Awesome... and fiery... homily!
 I wasn't sure I'd even be able to be in the Church when Pippin received Jesus for the first time as Marigold is pew-challenged, as soon as we hit the bench she is a challenge.
 But I was able to see the beautiful moment and his joyful expression afterwards.  *sniff* :)
 Thankfully our parish priest just made it back from his annual "retreat" at their mother-house in Spain so we were able to capture a picture with him.
 We are so very blessed to have such wonderful priests.  Just one priest is a blessing, but to have so many in our diocese truly striving for holiness is an unspeakable blessing. Where would we be without our priests?  Please remember to pray for priests.

 Afterwards we had a party in the hall with family and friends.  As usual it was one of those "mulitplication of the loaves and fishies" events.  I got downstairs and wondered where all this glorious food came from!

 Everyone thought this was sooooo funny.... except me.  I thought "Pippin on frosting?! Heaven help me."
 Pippin on frosting.....
Pippin on frosting.....

Awww but he's a cutie pie... even on frosting.

What a blessed day!  Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forever!


  1. God Bless Pippin. By the way, did any of the blue frosting turn his white shirt into the beginning of a tie-dyed shirt? That frosting teetered in the danger zone!

  2. How wonderful that your son is able to have his First Holy Communion! God bless.

    Agape always,

  3. What a wonderful day for a First Holy Communion! God bless Pippin and thank you for sharing the pix....especially of "Pippin on Frosting" hahaha