June 17, 2012

Father's Day

A most blessed and happy Father's Day to all the dads and priests out there!
 Aragorn and I saw this movie, Courageous, not too long ago and it was great!  I laughed hysterically and cried. It had many great morals and at the same time dealt with real-life issues.  Great movie.

 We spent the afternoon at Grandpa's having a gigantic meal.... as usual.
 Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Brats and any number of sides... including Quinoa which I learned is not pronounced "Qwin-O-uh" but "KEE-no-uh" ... or did I get it wrong again?
UPDATE:  Quinoa: Pronunciation isn’t the only thing about quinoa that people often get wrong; it’s not a grain, as is so often assumed. It’s actually a chenopod, like epazote and spinach. Proper pronunciation: keen-wah.
So... yeah.... I got it wrong again.  keen-wah. Hm.
 Ok, those bars with the marshmallows, peanuts, and chocolate/peanut butter were so good.  I am hoping I stopped indulging in them before it got confessionable!

 Out came the gigundo slip and slide... or "fwipee fwide" as Poppy would say.

 NO! Poppy is NOT a little girl as indicated by the picture, she's still a baby.

 Neat-o little kiddie pool or what, it even has a spray spout.... which Marigold did not like.

 Yes, I tried this several times.  But let's just say I am going to be sore for a week. 

 Then the wars began with Sam and Frodo with cups filled with water.

 Then we began to fill up water balloons.
 Have you ever tried filling up a gazillion little water balloons? It is hard work.  I think I'm going to have arthritis for a month after tying 1/2 a  gazillion.
 The attack of the Pippin.
 The uncles got out the big guns.... ok... the big inner tubles for Sam and Frodo.
 Meanwhile our artillery of water balloons continued to grow.
 Let's just say those old inner tubes hold *alot*  (a lot... for Deborah :) of water.

That's all.... the end.

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