June 5, 2012


Both Sam and Galadriel passed their written drivers' ed "knowledge" tests. YAY!  Sam got 100% on the signs test and 82% on the written exam.  So in an insane moment I took him to get his learner's permit today (what was I thinking?)
 I let him drive home the last mile or so.  And that was plenty.  He did great... I didn't.  My heart is still palpitating.  My tummy is still doing... something.  Let's just say Aragorn will be doing the driving time.  It brought back the insane moment when I took one of my sisters out for one of her practice drives. 
But anyway.... it's official.  And we only had to wait 50 minutes at the DMV...

Galadriel has to wait til February so we don't have her official grades yet, but she thinks she got a 90% on the written portion.  Even though it is "just" a written driving test, it was still a test they had to study for and taken outside our home and for a homeschooling mom, well.... I was pleased.  What delighted me even more is that Sam is a dyslexic (though nearly has overcome it), and although the option for headphones for help in reading the exam were available, Sam wanted to take it himself.  It may be a small thing in print but...

 This is what happens when the 16 year old has nothing better to do than read a knot book.
 I like it!
 Marigold kind of... marigold-like.
 Edible... totally edible.
The Welcome Mat

As I was finishing this up Aragorn was getting ready to go and vote and he was bringing Sam to drive.  *in town*.  He's NUTS!    I remember a day when I enjoyed milestones!  

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