June 9, 2012

Boys and Garden


 Pippin... who else?
 In hopes of selling something, perhaps, at the farmers' market.... onions
 Large Potatoes (this happens when your Costco Potatoes are forgotten in the spring... let's plant 'em)
 Sweet Potatoes (good recipes pass my way!)
 Yellow-eyed Beans
 And so you ask, "What is a yellow-eyed bean?"  They are for making things like Baked Beans. (good recipes pass my way!)
 One of the giant pumpkins burst out of the green house... it didn't actually *burst* we opened the side, but burst sounded better.
 One of the giant pumpkins outside of the greenhouse. 
We shall see how this project goes.    I'm not sure what possessed Aragorn to finally get a pool... I"m sure it had nothing to do with 6 years of pestering from me.   *chuckle*  Truly, I'm not a nagging wife.. usually... but this is my blog... and Aragorn doesn't blog :D

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