June 25, 2012

Welcome to My World

 Squirt gun tubes with an endless supply of ammo.
 Galadriel and I battled it out.
 Meanwhile Poppy stole Marigold's potty and Marigold gave her a piece of her mind.
That's MINE!
 We were blessed to be invited to the blessing of a memorial garden.  If you remember the lovely family who had little wee Rosalia who passed away within a few hours of birth.  This is her memorial garden in which the family is growing roses to make rosaries out of. How beautiful is that?

 I think this couple is so sweet.

 Isn't it lovely?

 Bilbo - fashion prep.

 This was just before Poppy partially fell into the pond.  That is the one glitch about having a large family, if something happens the odds are that one of our children is likely involved.

 We have this open area in our living room that I don't know quite what to do with. I envision a nice chess table with some old fashioned wooden chairs and instead it's a workshop for building catapults and things like that. 
 This is what I heard was a scale model to see if it would work.  And you ask, "Work for what?" and I say "What do you think?  To launch giant pumpkins... duh."  The "real thing" I hear is going to be about 10 times this size.  Some kind of Trojan Horse Catapult. Stay tuned.
 My first thought was "that's not very pretty", but perhaps catapults generally aren't.
 See the rock up there in the upper left corner? Very impressive but it actually landed probably 50 feet away haha.
 We have had the best raspberries off our little bush.  YUM!  I love fruit, so long as it is not a banana.
 I was on retreat this past weekend, a very glorious retreat, much needed and very refreshing and I came home to find out not only had a palm tree "grown" up in our pumpkin patch but....
 ...that dinosaurs had moved in.  In thanksgiving for this amazing  thing, we gave some dinosaur eggs to a certain neighbor of great humor!  I nearly went off the road laughing my head off when I saw this sight.  What next?  (I didn't just ask that!)
 The other thing that happened is that some bees were moved to our house in an old whisky barrel.  (I am guessing I know a few people who might read this who might say, "What a perfectly good waste of a whiskey barrel" haha  Our place may become some kind of public oddity, if we sell tickets we might be able to pay off the mortgage pretty quick-like.
While I was away (and mind you I was only away 2 nights), Frodo built us a very interesting burn barrel-that-isn't-a-barrel.  Very quaint I must say.

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  1. The picture of your hand on the water gun is very Clint Eastwood of you!