June 27, 2012

It Doesn't Happen This Way in the Movies

So, we were just sitting down to dinner when Merry slipped and fell and was crying really hard.  It was obvious he had either dislocated or broke his ring finger since it was at a very funny angle.  Aragorn took him to the ER.  A fracture at the base of his finger.  Our first broken bone.  To which Galadriel said, "Is this because we've been drinking milk from the store?" hahaha  (we're waiting for our cow to hatch so no fresh raw milk)

 Pippin came to me a couple hours later to tell me the whole story in great detail.  Pippin decided that he could spin like the "rockstar" in the Johnny Depp's Willie Wonka movie (after Mike Teavee gets shrunken and the Oompa Loompa's are singing their Ode to Mike Teavee, go ahead, look it up we did as I just had to see this, the little zebra stripey one).  Proper to the movie, Pippin gets on the floor and starts spinning with his  imaginary 'violin' (actually it was an electric guitar).  So Merry says, "I can do that!"  and starts spinning in circles in an upright fashion only to slip and land on his finger (how he landed on just 1 finger will be left as one of the mysteries of life we'll never know). 

Only in my house. 
He was given vicodin (ACK!) and they re-broke the bone... (shudder) then splint the fingers together and wrapped it an ace bandage and gave him a sling. 
And his right hand to boot. Galadriel, our leftie, will have to teach him how to use his left hand.
Friday he will go to the Orthopedist to see what next. And just days before his 8th birthday.

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