June 6, 2012

Feast of St. Norbert

 Today is the feast of St. Norbert, our parish patron.  I was blessed today to get the opportunity to kiss our parish's sacred first class relic of St. Norbert. 

He worked alongside the great St. Bernard in defeating the schism within the Church at the time.
As I was reading a little about St. Norbert's life I discovered a very beautiful little tidbit... I love beautiful tidbits.  His spiritual daughter, St. Juliana, was the one responsible for the Feast of Corpus Christi, which we will celebrated on Thursday followed by the procession and High Mass on Sunday June 10th. The feast of Corpus Christi is transferred to Sunday in the USA in the Traditional Rite when accompanied by a procession.

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  1. Wow, really? Your parish patron is St. Norbert! I didn't know that connection with him and St. Julianna (is she your patron?)--and she is one of my favorites. My son is a seminarian with the Norbertines--or more properly, the Canons Regular of Premontre--and will profess 1st vows in August. I will pray for you when I pray to St. Norbert--which I do daily! God bless!