July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Merry... And More

 Happy 8th-get-out-of-your-car-booster-seat Birthday, Merry!  Merry has the ability to find something entirely mundane and turn it into a case of unsuppressable (word?) laughter.
 He received this go cart as a birthday presesnt-get well soon gift-combo from his grandparents-and-those-who-live-there.  He was obviously delighted.
 I don't know why, but it struck me ominously funny to see this picture (sent to me from Aragorn as I wasn't there for this gift opening) with Merry and his cast driving a go-cart.
 Ok... this is neat.  Some priests, seminarians and others on their pilgrimage to Holy Hill walked right by our house.  LOVE the cassocks!

 Eleanor was invited to her cousin's 7th birthday party. It was an amazingly awesome party.
 First they decorated aprons

 Marigold and her cousin, try taking a picture of 2 babies and get them to look at the same time... these 2 pictures made me laugh in that regard.

 Next the little girlies took old bits of crayons and put them in silicone molds, they would be baked (melted) and then hardened into the various shapes. A rather easy project to make some really neat crayons.
 Then there was a snack bread break for "starving artists" (how cute is that?  Absolutely everything was .... artistic!  A palet pallette wiht with various colored fruits, pretzels dipped in colored "chocolate" (I think!) and wrapped in "crayon wrappers", everything even down to the straws and cups! (enough type-os for you?)

 Next project included an artist cousin of my sister-in-law who taught the girls some painting techniques.

 Meanwhile all the mothers sat inside visiting, which of course was enjoyable.
 Next project was making little bead necklaces where the beads were pieces of colored pencils with little holes drilled in them.  Adorable.
 Just a picture I took of 2 of my favorite pictures!
 Then it was time for the Happy Birthday desserts.  Everything was sooooo cute!
 And I must say the gluten free cookies with the frosting were very good.

 I just thought these were adorable, little rice crispy treat paint brushes dipped in "paint" and those pretzel crayons.  There is more creativity in this one party than I've had in my entire life.
 Then there were still cute little party favors for the girlies to choose from. Now I thought the paint can with the yellow "paint" spill was clever!  (see it in the picture?)
 Eleanor had a great time.
Happy Birthday, Neice and thanks for a fun party!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! Looks like something my sister could do. What a blessing to have such creative people in the world!