July 16, 2012

Typical Life Stuff

 This is mostly what Marigold says.  Ahhhhhh! But loud and squeely... particularly in Church.

 Eowyn came in the house screeching her head off. I was sure someone had been decapitated or something.  But instead the side of the pool blew a big hole and we had a deluge of water.... not from the sky... of course, we don't get rain here, we live in a desert.

 Aragorn's reaction was that it was one way to get water to the corn.
 What took a couple days to fill up took about 3 minutes to drain out.
 Yeah... a *big* hole.
But the kids have a generous dad who went out and bought a pool replacement.  This time we were going to make some improvements, just minor little things.
 We ordered a truckload of sand for both the sandbox (which the cats thought was a litter box... ewww) and for under the pool.
 I guess excitement isn't overly common here.
 Merry with his "cast" thing which he has found makes a great thing to "bonk" siblings on the head with.  Need he ask why his finger hurts?!

 The excitement mounted when also the FedEX man showed up. Ok, so our lives are dull...

 And you know what I had to say? "No one is to go into that pile of sand."  Go head, you try saying that to 11 children.

 The freckle-faced punk (Where the Red Fern Grows)
 Assembling.  I think there was alot of "Poppy, get out of here" going on.
Yes, that's a potty chair in the background but hey.... Poppy is potty trained... only took 6 weeks of no pool and popsicles for the most part.

 I think we are always "under construction"
 So Sam begins to tell me that he had to use the pool cover to cover the solar panels that were the electricity source for the pool pump or the batteries would explode and something about an ACDC (which I thought was a very naughty rock band... named after batteries?!) and by this point I was lost and just said "Huh... uh-huh, hm"

 We began setting up on Friday and we finally got the pool nearly filled and were able to use it on Monday, which is a very good thing as it was 100 degrees again today and tomorrow promising 102.  Though... NO JOKE... one evening when Aragorn was looking at the weather a couple days ago he read 108 degrees.    All I can say is that I'm grateful we have a pool. 

 This was a particularly very trying Rosary.
 The rubber band foot band?!
I was glad when Frodo finally put himself in a corner.

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