July 17, 2012

Bridey Visits Part II

 I thought I had outgrown the sideways pictures, I guess not.

 This was the beginning of an attempt to enjoy a lovely walk that goes up through the nice cool rocks but trying to park a 15 passenger van in a full... tiny... parking lot rendered this impossible so we went to Culver's and got frozen custard, followed by hair cuts for a couple of the boys (read:  lazy mom)
 But then we went to a little park/zoo, very tiny but animals are animals and always enjoyable.

 Prairie dogs are always so funny and delightful.

 I was glad I wasn't a llama this summer.... not that I ever wanted to be a llama but all that fur?!
 This is a fence.  Yes, a fence.... but I was hoping to zero in on the wolf behind the fence, but all you get is a fence.

 Then we decided to try the hike again that we tried in the beginning and this time there was ample space for the gigundo-mobile.

 I couldn't help stopping and laughing at this... obviously my kids had been here.  Oddly all shoes and waterbottles made it home.  (says the one who can find precisely 4 left shoes... where does the baby wander off with them... and why?)
 Their interest was in a culvert.  Life doesn't get any better than a culvert you can walk in.
 We have a really neat ferry near us, still free, still running.

 Back at home the filling of the pool continues.

 Bridey was a little less than in shock when Pippin brought her a toad.

Then so kindly (but not so kindly to the toad) he threw the poor toad over towards some cranes that were in the field (you can see them in the background).  And repeated this effort not finding he flung it far enough a couple times.  I think this is a martyr's death for toads.

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