July 25, 2012

Comic Relief

I'm not sure why I always think it will be fun to take Pippin out in public.  He's kind of like the comic relief from Shakespeare.

 Rarely do I step foot into a McDonalds, but today I did.  I had Merry and Pippin with me and lunch fell between VBS prep and a doctor appointment, so we wandered in.   I really thought it was pathetic that the former idea of a playground was replaced with a set of video games.  But it did say "Be Fair.  Please Share."

 In the doctor's waiting room Pippin asked me what the can opener was for.
Before I realized what I was doing, I was sitting there pondering how anyone would think there would be a can opener built into the ceiling.  "Only Pippin" was the conclusion to my pondering.  I woke up from my revelry and explained the sprinkler system to him to which about 100 questions ensued.  A little later he said he wanted to go swimming.  I told him we could when we got home to which he said, "But if I just get up there and break that little thing, I could go swimming right here."  Not a good idea.

It was about this point when the nurse asked if BOTH boys were mine (with the tone of "Are the ALLLL yours?!").
"They are so cute." then nonchalantly "So how many children do you have?"
The effect! The effect!  She turned around and just looked at me for a second then said, "But you look happy!"
Then, she won a plenary indulgence as far as I'm concerned and said, "You look grrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaaaat!"

Anyway, it used to be a trip to the doctor's office was a nice time for me to relish in some enjoyable children's book like Anne of Green Gables or Nancy Drew.... but not with Pippin.... it's more of 121 questions in a bouncy house.

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  1. I am tickled with laughter about the exchange . . . if BOTH the boys were yours. Well, I'm just so glad it ended with her fabulous compliment!