July 29, 2012

Our Home Altar

Sacred Heart Farm has asked me to show pictures of our Home Altar.

 I'm not exactly sure I'd call it an altar, it is more of a Home Altar Shelf. 

But in our basement the children converted a little room into a place where they can practice saying the Mass (mostly for the sake of Altar Boy training... which we need to do for Merry and Pippin).  We also use this for a place we can have our time for meditation each day.  Each child up to age 10 spends 1 minute for their age in prayer.  AFter age 10 they will spend at least their age in minutes up to an hour.  When this picture was taken it was a little in need of cleaning but you get the idea.  I have a set of stations of the cross for the wall that we have yet to put up.

1 comment:

  1. I love that you have an "Altar" in the basement for server practice and meditation. What a wonderful practice to have the children meditate in prayer minutes according to their age! Thank you for sharing your family's Home Altars!