July 17, 2012

Bridey Visits Part III - The Shrine

 On Sunday we headed up to the only approved apparition in the USA of Our Blessed Mother to Adele. She is sometimes known as "Sister Adele" but was actually a 3rd order tertiary (or something like that). We began the day at a TLM High Mass which was beautiful... albeit hot!

Our Lady of Good Help. 

St. Joseph Shrine
 Our Lady of Fatima

 Although this is in the basement (crypt) of the church, originally this wasn't underground.  This is my picture however....
 This actually what it looks like.  Our Blessed Mother appeared to Adele.  Holy Mother Church approved this, though one is not bound to believe private revelation in order to remain a Catholic in good faith. But I think it is awesome that the Blessed Virgin appeared only 2-1/2 hours from our house only 150+ years ago.  (the year after Lourdes)  It was absolutely lovely.  My eyes watered as soon as I entered.
 This is Adele, to which we can see why she was called "sister".    Her left eye was marred by an accident as a child with lye.
 The Church that was built above the apparition site.  This is not the original Church built there.
 This statue is an old one from back during Adele's day, it is still used in processions. Their particular feast day is the Assumption.  But the date of the apparition is October 9th, 1859.
 The large reliquary contains pieces of the original trees to which Our Lady appeared between. They were discovered beneath the church at some point.
 St. Odilla statue from Adele's day.  She is the patron of eye problems, though it wasn't known that Adele ever received a cure for her eye problem.  That said, some people are not meant to have cures but to suffer.
 St. John Vianney. I don't know how I missed the statue of Padre Pio which was, I heard, right next to this one. 
 I first was all excited to be able to take a picture of St. Benedict for a friend of mine and St. Patrick for my Irish family, but when I got close to these they are actually Sts. Cyrl and Methodius.
 This is Adele's gravesite.
 The "back yard" was so simple and lovely.  The Peshtigo Fire of 1871 (same exact year and date as the Chicago fire but much worse in regards to loss of life had started on the other side of the Bay but due to logging was able to go across the bay on logs.  The people in this area fled to the church and processed around the outside I believe with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The fires roared right up to the edge by the Church/School which were spared.
 The Stations of the Cross were in French (Adele was from Belgium so that was her native tongue)
 Each "building" had a Station on either side. It was so beautiful.

 This was a little "roadside" chapel" that was common in Belium (Belgish?) communities.

 Our Lady of Lourdes shrine
 Loved this! Dedication to Fulton Sheen who I heard is actually considered "venerable".
 So the Great Fire wen right up to the driving area behind the church/school.

 Imagine the Faith of the people who processed to be spared from the fire.

 The backside of Adele's grave which is in English (the front is in French)
 The other little crosses are for children who died at the school. Some where orphans and this was considered their home.

 I couldnt' resist her book with Gregorian Chant!
 More wood from the original trees
 Shrine to Marigold?!

 This is the crew while I was perusing the gift shop... twice. 
Just what happens when I'm not around.  Babies climbing trees... really now.

We ran into a man who asked what Latin Mass we went to before coming to the Shrine.  He said he could tell we must go to the Latin Mass by the way we dressed (which he said admiringly) and the number of children we have.   Honestly... I felt honored.

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