July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth-less of July

This is just plain local.  Dry everywhere. So obviously there are burning restrictions everywhere.  But just as proof.....

This is what our corn looks like.  Yes, that is corn not sugar cane.

We will have to skip fireworks this year as they are forbidden due to the very necessary burning restrictions but I noticed 2 fireworks places selling today.  You see it's ok to buy them just not light them.... *chuckle*  I did wonder though... would it be alright to do sparklers if you are sitting in your swimming pool?

On another note entirely separate from the needed burning restriction....  I wonder if this dry weather is a sign from Above to our country in general.  It's kind of like Independence-less Day without s'mores, bonfires and fireworks  but it seems to be where our country is going with the rights and freedoms written down by our Founding Fathers.  Now it's all about "freedom of choice" yet our choices are chosen for us.  Uncanny.  

 I usually get up and go to 6:30am Mass (I love mornings) but after being up playing musical beds most of the night trying to find a breath of air somewhere I just lay there watching the clock move past 6:30. Then I kicked myself as I love the TLM but I got up and went to Mass later and in the end it was a blessing. I ran into a friend of mine who told me that blueberries were in season nearby.  Strawberries and Blueberries thrill me.  And it was only 95 degrees at 9am so we followed her to the patch.
 Our goal was to fill up 4 pails (20 pounds) but by the time we filled up 2 we were dripping.
 Thanks Kay for letting us know about the blueberries ! :D  Can I take an order for some of that blueberry pie?
 Merry getting a lift while Pippin is driving.   Would you?!  It's enough to ride in a car with a 16 year old driver.... but riding with a 6 year old in a go cart is just too much.
 I was asked recently by a Grand Knight if we have a permit for the "Giant Pumpkin Patch Raceway"  *chuckle*  You just never know what you'll find at our place.... however I do have a restriction... no toilet flower pots please!
 Woops, did we forget your nap, Marigold?   Eowyn was the champion for falling asleep at doorways.  The first time that happened I nearly had a heart attack, I thought she was dead.  Merry on the other hand gets the prize for the oddest places to take a nap.
 I hope that is a bit off, but just the same, I'm sitting in a hot house with a hot laptop on my hot lap.  I think it is time to venture out to that pool.
 Oh my goodness, couldn't you just eat her up?

 The Bug's stickers arrived.
 I picked the number #490 (forgive 70x7times)
 Just proving that M&M's do melt in your mouth and in your hands.  Why was the baby eating an M&M? 
It rained just long enough for me to say "Get the camera it is raining!"and take the picture, then it stopped.  But it was rain.  Thankfully one of our great priests is offering a Mass on Saturday for Rain. 

God Bless America!

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  1. She's just smart!! She knows how lovely a cool floor can be on very hot days (especially when your house is hot, too).

    I'm shocked it's been so hot for y'all. Down here in GA, we are "used" to the hot weather for long periods of time but at least we have air condititioning. I'll say a little prayer that it cools off and you get some much needed rain soon.