July 11, 2012

Corpus Christi Watershed Project Donations

Although all our regular tithing goes delightfully to our wonderful priests and parish, on occasion I think a little thank you, a little act of kindness, love and gratitude to others is in order.  Corpus Christi Watershed Project has asked for some donations.  If you are familiar with Corpus Christi Watershed Project and have used their awesome stuff as much as I have, perhaps you'll consider offering them some kind of donation.  Here is the page for just making a random donation.  Here is the page for subscribing a donation per month.  To me, this is like buying a book, and a rather priceless one since their music and type-settings are used for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass... both Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary Forms.

This company has saved me hours of scanning, cutting and pasting Liber Usualis propers by having a calendar of events with the propers at their Rene Goupil website HERE.  If you sing the propers for the TLM, this is your gold-mine. 

I absolutely love Kevin Allen's motets.  We just sang one on the Feast of the Precious Blood, Ave Sacer Christi Sanguis, with our women's schola.  I have one of his CD's I keep in my car and sing endlessly with.  Click here to see their list of projects.

Anyway, I'm just putting in a little personal plug for this company... or rather mission!  Please keep them in your prayers, being one who is intimately involved in the music at our parish, I can tell you, the evil one works overtime on anyone who works for the greater honor and glory of God through music for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

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