July 27, 2012

Julius Caesar

 Yet another neat find. A local Shakespeare group which began this year.  It's a bring-your-own-chair and picnic dinner type affair.   So very casual however, Eowyn has her "thing" that she must dress for the opera when she goes out... "to the opera". 
 Their first production was Julius Caesar.
 You can't see the pillars and such on the backdrops and although very simple, it held the character of the play.
 There were  a few funny awkward moments.  First we were eating away our dinner when the play started and it started in the walkway right in front of us (who were in the front row).  Doritos are just... awkward... while watching Shakespeare 3 feet in front of you.  Another funny was when there was a discussion between Brutus and Cassius and they stopped stock still while a herd of motorcycles rode by full throttle (are they a herd? do they have a throttle?)
Anyway, they did an awesome job and the costumes were great.  I over-heard that next year might be Antony and Cleopatra.

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