July 16, 2012

Bridey Visits Part I

 My sister from Virginia visited .  Most pictures just speak for themselves.

 Except maybe this one.  We've been praying for rain and we found a snowman in our pumpkin patch.
 Right next to the palm tree of course.

 Good neighbors are a blessing.

 Please note Pippin. *chuckle*

 I bet you didn't think chess was a contact and verbal sport.   Don't let the picture fool you.


  1. Oh and thank you for making it easier to comment. Not sure if that was intentional but sure do appreciate it. I always struggled with reading those letters and ended up refreshing too many times to count until I eventually gave up. :-)

  2. Such wonderful summer family pictures! Thanks for sharing, I love "seeing" different parts of the country. You have a beautiful family (and extended family!) I'd love to see one of you and your sister side by side. (-: