July 5, 2012


Just because these temps are not normal for northern USA....  I can't help but laugh a little.  My "tiny" car has a broken AC so I've been driving the Suburban. I got in to head to town and it was 117 in it.  It took me 1/2 way to town to be able to put my hands on the steering wheel in a normal fashion, prior to that I was playing "hot potato" with it.  Just in case you were wondering.  Our house is hot, close to 90 degrees inside the main part and 84 in my room.  We are calling that "alot colder".      I never bought gatorade before this week.  One more day of this and then it will cool off to the lower 90's.  We have pretty much lived in the basement.  You know your kids are getting bored when they decide they'll start cleaning up the basement without being asked.


  1. Come visit us sometime! The older ones can play pool and Nintendo Wii :) We have toys galore for the younger ones!