July 29, 2012

Versatile Blog Award

Way back in May my blog received the Versatile Blogger Award.  I mostly finished this post and I just remembered it in my drafts when I was asked about our home altar.  I will have to admit I had to look up "versatile" to which I found "changing or fluctuating readily".  *chuckle* anyone who knows me would probably say "Yep... she's versatile. Kinda like a roller coaster ride."  However, Tina Marie from Living Simply So that Others May Simply Live (awesome goal and name or what?)  said something so very nice:  Your posts are inspiring, thought provoking and sometimes bring a chuckle and great smile to my face
I cannot think of anything nicer.  I think one of the nicest goals on this earth is to bring joy to others.

I'm not playing the rules of the right for this award, as I'm to nominate 15 other blogs to the award.  I wouldn't know where to begin. I don't think I even look at 15 blogs on a regular basis.  Sunday is generally my blog-reading day.  But honestly, I'm am picture-looking blog-reader.  I love pictures.

The other part is to tell 7 things you might not know about me.  Oh boy.  There is nothing very interesting but here are a few things.... 7 things to be precise.

1.  I have a special fondness for saints who were friends with each other. I love reading saint stories as it is but they get so very interesting when you read about saints who walked on this earth together.  I find it perfectly thrilling. 

2.  In High School I was known as JAM because those were my initials, I played soccer, volleyball, softball, violin and skied.  I hated playing the piano because my first teacher wouldn't give me a gold star for practicing.... it was entirely besides the point that I had not practiced. 

3.  I had (that's mostly past tense) a most frightful temper and threw a typewriter at one of my college roommates.  Yeah... I had a typewriter.  I was called by a seminarian as "sweet little, innocent, type-writer chucking Julie"  To help me overcome this horrible temper, I would put up little sticky notes with voice bubbles that said "Don't lose your temper" on my religious pictures, like the Sacred Heart.  I'm afraid if I make it into Heaven that there will be peals of laughter when I walk in the gate for these absurd and silly things I did... and come to think of it.. it was just yesterday someone called me silly! :D

4.  I was blessed to travel alot when I was younger and have been to Portugal, Canada, Yugoslavia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.... sorry... I've never been to Spain... but would love to!

5.  I really liked the dirty, smelly, grubby little girl in my 3rd grade class that no one liked and everyone made fun of... even me (groan).  One of my fondest memories is the year I invited her to my birthday party.  I have always looked back on that memory with gratitude that I did not leave her out.

6.  My first job was as a dishwasher at a fancy restraunt, I don't know how I lived past this without contracting some disease since we used to eat the food that was left over off people's plates!  After that I was a chamber maid making beds at a motel.  Now I will never eat food off my kids plates and I won't make their beds.

7.  Yes, I used to wear pants!  Now I only wear them to bed.

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