July 10, 2012


My children refer to this plant as "The Hummingbird Flower Plant", I am not sure why as it never produced  but 1 flower that never saw a humming bird.  This plant merely likes to bore its way under the wood siding of the house.  If it didn't produce flowers this year it would be taken down before it wrecked the whole side of the house.  The other day we noticed some flowers but this morning when I returned from Mass I noticed there was a full natural bouquet in front of Our Blessed Mother and another at her feet.  Just a reminder that she is taking care of us, even when our little world seems all upside-down.  Stay close to your Mother, she hears you even when you think she is deaf.

I came in to check the news at Catholic.org and I was directed to an article about a woman who had taken pictures of the abortion of her 6 week baby with her cellphone.  I saw the pictures.  I gasped.  I wept.  Then I thought about the saints of the day.  In the new calendar it is the Feast of Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, 2 mothers who suffered over their children and died martyrs.  Their story is well worth a read, it is beautiful.  In the Traditional Rite, the we celebrate the feast of the seven brother martyrs, the sons of St. Felicitas.  After being tempted in vain by Publius, the prefect, during the reign of Marcus Arelius, to adore idols, were put to death while their mother exhorted them to martyrdom.  Can you imagine? Januarius was scourged with leaded whips; Felix and Philip were beaten with clubs; Silvanus was thrown headlong from a great height; Alexander, Vitalis and Martial were beheaded. *in front of their own mother who encouraged them*  Their mother, finally, died a martyr 4 months later.

Please pray for Jane.  I named her baby Felicity, which means Happiness.


  1. Oh what a sad story. I read the article and saw the pictures, but I was truly not prepared for the comments. What a sad, sad world for so many of these women! We need to pray. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my, I never read comments (except here :) One story is enough. People so much don't know what they are doing. Probably more hope for them than for the self-righteous, though. Thinking of St. Mary Magdalen :) I once heard a priest say that we will be surprised who we will see in Heaven. Just so long as I'm there to see the surprises I'm content :)

  3. I am afraid to go to read the article...those stories make me so sad...I would LOVE to have more children, and unborn babies are murdered by their own "mothers" and "doctors" When that mother truly understands what she has done, she will probably be devastated.

    On another note, Julie, will you join my Blog Hop? ( I hope I did it right) Do You Have a Home Altar? I am a horrible blogger, but was inspired to share our home Altar and encourage other families and get a Blog Hop going.

  4. Thank you for telling us about that article. So sad.

    I believe your vine with flowers is the trumpet vine. It's highly invasive, but gorgeous when planted well.