May 7, 2017

EPIC moments

 We went on an epic tour of EPIC. 
 We were heading down to the bottom of this big crack.

 These two went as thugs.... I think...

 If you live in our state, you might recognize some of these landmarks
 It isn't bigger on the inside was the only issue.
 We used to be Dr. Who fans, but now we have to draw a line as the  new ones are terrible.  Too many sneaking in of "issues" that are inappropriate.  Very sad.
 We also trekked down to Middle Earth.
 Sam I am.
 The auditorium was HUGE.  Some 11,000+ people fit in this place. I'm not sure how many but it is well over 10,000.... WELL OVER. Unbelievable.
 Kili really wanted to see a dragon in his cave.
 Frodos (Frodoes?)
 Bilbos (Bilboes?)

 That is one gigantic precious

 ..... and Company

 Some of the younger ones wanted to know what that was.

 Amazed by a typewriter
 A library what better place to snap a shot?

 Neat chess board on the wall. I want one!!

 Cracked me up!

 Alice in Wonderland (except that isn't Alice pictured, just an upside down bird cage)
 Follow the yellow brick road.

 Interesting.... I think...


 Another epic moment was when we showed up for Mass in the little chapel and they had added a reredos to the altar!!

 Not-so-epic was the building of an indoor coop for the chickie-woos.  (Famliar with "Trickie-woo"?)

 We received a MAY BASKET!!!!  We were delighted! Thank you so very much!!! Kili is holding the May basket that was left at our door step by a very special someone!

 Time to move the duck house, hey, where's our food?  They found it, no worries.

Ooops, this is what happens when you accidentally leave the top off the pen.
 Costuming for "City of Orphans"
Mama Geless  -  the detective   -   a plug ugly

 Sometimes churches should have just stayed as "Before" and skipped the "After".

 Rub-a-dub-dub 3 men in a tub... of corn.

 Scraping up pieces from around the house, we built a new chicken coop outside to move the chickie woos. And they are surviving these winter nights.

 Still working on the carrier for the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

 Our priest showed us his gorgeous blue vestment... with Our Lady of Fatima on it!!
 The shrine to Our Lady of Fatima was recently renovated.

Still working on the carrier.... should be interesting.

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