May 7, 2017

Belt Test to Yellow and to Brown Decided

 Another belt test. This time my orange belts went to yellow and my brown belt went to brown belt decided.  Here Mr. J. Michaelis was performing some kind of extreme thing or another.  You can view the video below. Can you guess which of our Taek-team is working on extreme forms?

Anyway, Mr. Michaelis gave us a great show before the belt testing.
Mr. Moh giving the initial talking to.

Yes... that is Rosie giving a powerful "Hiya".
At this point parents or other family members were called up to "help".  Mine evened out at 3 pairs of 2 so I was only needed for photo shooting... my preference.

The exciting part about yellow belts is that next is camo belt which means sparring gear!


Next Frodo tested at brown belt for brown belt decided (brown with gold)

Frodo was first tested at breaking the brown board and then for an added challenge he was asked to break a black board and he did! First with his hand.
Then with his foot. Board breaking is required at brown belt level.
My turn on the floor. I was very helpful... I'm sure....

It's always exciting to get upped in the belt ranks.

Frodo and Mr. Michaelis

Eleanor was sick the week of belt testing so she went in one evening with some others who needed to belt test.
No pressure or anything!


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