May 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Samwise and Other Goings On

 My oldest baby just turned 21. Yes. TWENTY-ONE. He's now officially legal, but he'll go to his grave opting for root beer, no doubt. Score. Here he is with his uncle's new puppy.
 Pippin is eager to raise money for his sparring gear so he's willing to sell off some of his treasures. These nesting  monkeys are one of them. He also has a wooden marionette type puppet.  :D Cute.
 Rock picking, the sport of the season.
 Peacock sighting of the day.  Having a rooster and a local, lovely peacock, who needs an alarm clock?
 We watched this bird for the longest time. Of all places to decide to climb. The stack of (old) round bales.

 King of the Mountain 'o Round Bales

 Then a cat was stealthily trying to keep up on the peacock.  Seemingly, and this is not the first occurrence, the cat sneaks up on him, gets to a certain point and then sneaks off in another direction. I guess a peacock, that looks tasty upon sighting, is daunting upon closer inspection.
 The middle boys were practicing their altar boy Mass parts for the TLM when they decided to visit the peacock.  I hollered after Pippin to take off the cassock before going outside to which he said, "I can't, I'm the Matrix!"  (no, he hasn't watched it)
 Bird and birds and more birds, oh my.
 Guess who is back for another visit.
 Not sure why he'd even want to be near the manure spreader but I guess it is on his path back home.

 No. We don't need any haircuts around here. It might be noted when Frodo returns from sparring or Hyper (tricking) he is a very sweaty bundle of loveliness... but really, the hair?!

 This bull is not suppose to be on the lawn. He broke out several times this week.
 Our dogs. It never ceases to amaze me what we just might find on the ground. A page protector, really?  REALLY?? And... nobody put it there.
 Zuzu.  (you know, Zuzu's petals, well, this is Zuzu's hairstyle)
 The Marian banner for our May Procession on Mother's Day (before it was ironed)
 I just missed the picture as he leaped up to give the statue of Our Lord a kiss.  Seriously.
 For Sam's birthday we took him to Fuji for Hibatchi.  Definitely save your pennies or gift cards for this place, it is delicious and a very fun experience.  And their food is great.
 While we waited for our chef, the table over had a chef with a fire on his head.
 The soup and salad.
 This was a raw octopus appetizer and it was SO good... and SO spicy.
 We had the same chef this time as last time. 
 He's a pyromaniac as a side job. Even the camera was blinded.

 Juggling and egg on a spatula.

 Onion volcano

 Since it was Friday we didn't have meat in ours... the scallops and shrimp were amazing. It really wasn't penitential.

 The happy birthday surprise.  In addition to ice cream and a flaming candle, they came out with a drum and singers. It was comical!

 Have I ever mentioned my love of Costco? Well, ours has THE BEST florist ever. Even though she was very busy with Mother's Day Weekend flowers, she helped me tend to the May Crowning floral needs.  She arranged it with her boss that we could save the petals off the flowers that had to be removed (and they were still gorgeous).  And, they said, "anything for Our Lady!" Score for Costco... again.  The lovely florist also, made me 2 floral crowns at her home for our 2 statues of Our Lady of Fatima.  I'm so grateful.  And it was her personal gift to Our Lady!
 The littles were very eager for me to take a picture of their toad friend.
 The littlest chicks when out to enjoy the 81 degree day outside for the first time.
Mushroom season!  So far the big boys have found 7+ pounds! They sold 4 pounds so far $30/pound! Yikes!!

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