April 23, 2017

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter!
 Easter Vigil

 Blessing of Fire

 Easter Candle in Blessed Mother blue.

 Easter Water
 Our group really knows how to celebrate. After a 2-1/2 hour Easter Vigil Mass we had a mini-potluck party at 1:30 in the morning!
 This year Merry graciously hid the Easter Baskets which means a web of ribbon to roll up and find a basket at the end. Eleanor graciously hid Merry's basket
 Ever wonder what to do with any extra Christmas wrapping paper? Use it for Easter gifts. Kites take up alot of paper.
 The older children just had their basekets at the table. When we found out we were going to grandma's for dinner we opted just to use  (exceedingly pretty) paper products for breakfast *blush*.  Ok, after Holy Week and all the singing and such, we deserved to use paper plates... complete with pink utensils.
 You can maybe see the ribbon spools dangling ready for the eager Easter Basket recipients.
 Our black bean jar turned into a colorful jelly bean jar.
 It's an inside joke that Eleanor received a silver back gorilla in her basket.

 Truly, an Easter egg, a very tiny one... hence the picture.


 Rosie thought I'd enjoy this little bear at a slot machine after going to Las Vegas. haha!!!
 My new t-shirt :D
 Sam eating a super sour treat.

 Aragorn received a hammock

 Kili with backwards shirt.... and pants.

 In case you are wondering why Frodo has a cloth on his head, I used new napkins and wash cloths to cover the contents of the Easter Baskets for a chance at a surprise. Naturally one would put it on his head.... right?

 Frodo is eating a chocolate covered bug. Originally they were suppose to be put out for Aragorn's 50th birthday but forgot about them so some of the boys received them in their baskets. Some actually tried them, Kili liked them,,, any chocolate will do.  Shiver!

 Easter Sunday Mass
 We had a First Communicant. Congrats!

 Love Kili's face in this one (above!)

 Then we went to grandma's.  These are auntie's sheep.  Bruno's twin is the second one up.
 Beasty the dad.
 Egg hunt!

 I love this sandbox! How clever!

 The big children had a riddle treasure hunt.

 Love grandma's statue wall!  I want one! What a great way to show off all the statues and be able to grab them as needed for the table!
 Prize at the end of the treasure hunt. Chocolate bunnies... 3 POUNDS!

(hm... pictures out of order here)

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