June 19, 2016

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Much More

 The Lion, the Witch, & and the Wardrobe
Eleanor - Older Susan, Merry - Aslan, Pippin - crew, Bilbo - ogre 3, and Poppy - mouse
The day before the dress rehearsal Frodo is working on making a new and improved sword for High King Peter.
 The last practice in the gym.

 The families of the cast and crew worked to provide some gifties for the lovely producer and co-producer who were... no joke... in 7th and 8th grades!  We collected some 50+ signatures from the cast & crew. The idea is to put a cast picture inside. However in the meantime, Eleanor had drawn the cover of the program in black and white. For the center of the frame she colored it in. There are some really neat little details.
 Dress rehearsal
 The crew did a great job on all the scene changes. They had painted on both sides of foam board and flipped them around. It was really neat-o!
 This is the Professor's house, complete with hand constructed wardrobe, that also flipped around for the various scenes.
 In Narnia by the lamp post.
 At the Beaver's Dam
 In the castle of the White Witch
 Father Christmas
 Aslan with the Naiads and Dryads and other critters.
 The mice did a dance.

 The death of Aslan
 The mice nibbling the ropes away
 Aslan back to normal.
 Crowing of the Kings and Queens of Narnia

 Meanwhile some of my older children were home with the littles preparing the place for Eowyn's graduation party which was to be the day after the play.  Do you like the deer decor?  Obviously Kili was thrilled.

 The big day is upon us! Flowers & chocolates ready for the producers & co producer..
 .... card & gift card ready for the producer's parents who put a ton of work into the play, encouraging the entire thing to be done by the children (grades 1-8) with minimal adult help.
 Still time for a little storm "chasing" (not that we went anywhere but out the back door.
 The children did a great job with all the face painting.
 Aslan ready to go.  It might be noted it was grotesquely HOT on this day.  In the low 90's.
 Poppy getting her face painted.
 Queen (older) Susan rarin' to go.
 Lord of the Rings braid were a  must-have.
 A lace braid at the top and a french brain on the bottom. We do like our fancy braids.
 Poppy was excessively excited for her part as a mouse in the play.

 My crew man
 Break a leg!
 If my sister, Normaliniscallopini is out there, here is your young friend who moved out here. She did the mouse dance with Poppy.
 One of the naiad or dryiads, I don't know the difference... I know... I should.
 The White Witch
 Faces, faces & more faces


 After the show cast picture. AWESOME JOB!!!
That said, pictures during the show to come... I hope.
 I couldn't resist, "The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe"  *chuckle*

 Back to real life, Frodo has been busy building our outdoor Stations of the Cross.  Since our priest is leaving our parish for different fishes in the Catholic Sea, we have a time limit when to finish them so they can be blessed before he leaves.
 Marigold wanted a picture taken of her "pretty braids"
 Seriously, would you?

 We had a downpour 3-1/2 inches of rain.
This was not a small lake prior.
 However, it is an easy way to fill the pool higher.
 Eowyn received a "thinking chair" from family for her graduation.

 She can even hide in it if she needs more thinking power.
 Getting ready to pour cement in the latest shed, which will be a shelter for the animals.
 Not a great picture of this calf but he (she?) is a lovely reddish brown color that just shines in the sunlight.  So cute!
 A friend of ours had a garage sale and we are now the proud owners of this pedal organ.  According to Galadriel, it is great exercise!

 Some of my girls just love minatures.  I get to live vicariously through my girls.
 We picked up this army pack at a garage sale.  Galadriel is ready when they start the mandatory draft for women. SERIOUSLY!!!  2018.  On a serious note, that is RIDICULOUS!  Thanks to the feminists who want to be so very "equal".  Thanks alot.  Will be interesting to send ladies in skirts out to battles... St. Joan of Arc, pray for us....!
 Our giant pumpkins are doing well so far!

Because we can't have enough unfinished projects, Sam has started to build a triple bunkbed.
 From the land of the unknown oddities.
(that would be Trinity Acres)

 Seriously boy, it is time for a hair cut.

Ok, it is a wig, as I don't want anyone to think I styled this hair!!

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