August 6, 2017

New York Day 7 and Home Sweet Home

 For the last time I was able to go to Sts. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church and this time there was one elderly gentleman there.  Two of us, that's it.  After Mass the priest told me that Friday's Mass would be in Ukrainian. Bummer, as this was my last day. I would have liked to hear it in Ukrainian.  Ah well.
 As we were enjoying a picnic lunch this plane (somewhat like the photo below) flew by, we were up on a hill with the water below us and the plane was at eye level. I just stared surprised and didn't think to take a picture.

 I meant to ask my mom what kind of tree this was, but I forgot, anyone know? It's got little clusters of orange-ish berries.
 One last trip to Doug's Fish Fry.

 Our train was delayed by over 2-1/2 hours here and there along the way from Syracuse to Chicago. This was one view, those are this persons jeans, missing a large chunk of the pants over the thigh.  Seriously, would you?
 Game of chess, reading and fidgeting.

 Later when seats changed and people exited and entered the train, we had this really funny couple sitting across from us. The man had had some kind of freak accident as he talked about how grateful he was to just be alive. He had some huge scar up and down his arm.  They had us laughing our heads off they were just so funny.  We appreciated the distraction. He said he thanked God every day for his life.
 Drawing close to Chicago as we pass the stadium.
 Peoples gas?
 We didn't have very long in Chicago this time so we grabbed some of Annie's pretzels.  It was also Friday and since we don't eat meat on Fridays so pickings were slim.

 At home there were projects happening. Projects I'll be surprised to see how they finish up (or don't finish haha)

 We went to see Peter Pan that my SIL and 3 of her kids were in. It was FABULOUS!

 Nephew was Michael Darling
 SIL doubled as a pirate and "Wendy's" (her daughter's) future Wendy, another nephew was a pirate, Niece was Wendy Darling. They did such a great job. We were all very proud!

 The Interstate is so crazy to drive with all those cement barriers that we took the long way home.  I don't know about you but I can't stand driving inches away from a cement barrier on one side and a semi on the other side. Eeek! No thanks.
 New kid in the family.

 Picking corn
 Building a bonfire

 Eating s'mores

 I burned off some of the calories on mine.  
 Aragorn's "low carb" version... just the chocolate and marshmallows :D
 Part of the "I don't know" project. We like to put things up and see what they are in the end.

Post s'mores melt down... guess which one?


  1. That might be an ash tree. I know we have one that looks a lot like that.

  2. Hmmm... the new kid looks kind of disturbing. I saw him yesterday, with a detective and a ranger! :D

    1. I bet a book could be written about the event :D

  3. Does the new kid have a name.... Vary disturbing for sure!