August 1, 2017

New York Day 5 - Happy Birthday Galadriel

 This morning I went to the Ukrainian Byzantiny Mass (Divine Liturgy) and was the ONLY ONE there. No joke. I thought how sad that was. However, I learned afterwards that the priest had a funeral at 9:30 so that would explain the lack of people!
 Happy Birthday (breakfast) Galadriel. TWENTY YEARS OLD... 20...2-0!
 We dropped off the 3 Stooges at the Country Club to go golfing with Grandpa and a cousin or two (that is time spent at the driving range)

 Galadriel and I went into town and did a little window shopping... and a little more than window shopping, looking for some souvenirs to bring home.  Since I'm sure everyone misses us...! Afterwards we met up with the golfers and other cousins/sisters, etc... at Doug's.  Best seafood and fish but totally crazy (and worth it)

 Afterwards the stooges went to swim with cousins and Galadriel and I went to visit a long time friend of mine.  Loved the sign in her kitchen haha!!!
 Kathy and I. We met each other our freshman year of high school (34 years ago, almost 35 years ago) and have kept in touch since. Great lady!

 We received this photo from home where they were celebrating Galadriels birthday. I'm sure it was "in memoriam" not just about cake.... :P
 Back in NY, we were busy husking dozens of ears of corn. Cousin S was collecting all the "hair"

 The boys were busy playing baseball/whiffle ball.  Try as they might, they didn't break a window...

 We looked at photos from a photo album Aunt Susan had put together a few years ago.  This above is Frodo HAHA!!!  He denies all the adorable rolls.
 Me 'n my grandparents
 Check out these fine photos (ugh!!!) I think every ugly photo of me was kept as a family heirloom.

 Good ol' days panning for gold (and agates) up at Lake Superior

 Tell me you don't love my socks! Am I cool or what?  The good news is that nerd is back in...

 Check out those BIG glasses. 

 Eowyn and Galadriel who could pass for Poppy and Marigold.

 More baseball

 (thanks Galadriel for so may of these pictures!)

 Happy, happy birthday, Galadriel!  

 Truly, that is a frog! (froglette)
 A few other pictures from Galadriel's phone.  I'm not sure what the above thing is. It is found in Syracuse, NY off past the train tracks...???

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