July 31, 2017

New York Day 4 - Happy Birthday Mom

 Boat and Birthday Day
 I started the day with going to Mass at a polish church, St. Hyacynth. This is a statue of said saint.
 They also had a lovely little shrine in honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe.  There was a 1st class relic of a strand of hair (very rare).  One of our priests, Fr. Rick Heilman, has one, too, I believe!

 There was any number of these beautiful "3D" picture-statues of many saints. Very lovely. Since people were praying I couldn't just wander around taking pictures *snap*
 Outdoor Fatima statues.
Afterwards we bummed around for the morning then ate lunch (leftovers from the Country Club dinner).  Then we met my parents at the Marina to get a pontoon boat for the following 4 hours.

 The people who had bought my parents house, who also tore down our house and are in the process of building a new place, built this beautiful gazebo type boat house.  Very nice.
 The cottage is there there at least!
 Then it was time for some tubing. 

 Sheila's husband is a great chef (without really being a chef).

 We closed the evening with a little singing for my mom's birthday.

 My sisters and some of their children and Maria sang a great "poem" someone or other in the group wrote. Here are the lyrics... (to the tune of "Raindrops on Roses"
 Drinking cold Riesling and days at the beach;
Baking a pie whether apple or peach;
Sinking a ball with her nine iron Ping
These are a few of her favorite things.

Hunting for bargains on shoes or acc’sess’ries
Knowing the details on store return policies
Hemming and clipping and Parisian flings
These are a few of her favorite things.

Visiting grandkids and reading the paper;
Checking on Fox for the news’ latest caper
Pedicure, books and…counting her blessings
These are a few of her favorite things.

When the wine’s warm;
When the town swarms;
When she’s feeling sad.

She simply remembers her favorite things
… then she won’t feel so bad.

 Thoroughly enjoyed.

My sister Sheila and her family are returning from 7 years in Germany.  So they sang happy birthday in German.... Enjoy, below! :D

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