July 30, 2017

ICK Camp and Summer

 Since Eowyn was going to be a camp counselor for the Institute of Christ the King girls summer camp she had to be up a day early, actually just an evening early but we made it a full day. Unfortunately I had left my phone in the car so I didn't get any pictures of the gorgeous church where we attending Mass that morning. Afterwards we went to some local parks to enjoy some time. I took all 6 of my girls and we just had a girls day out.... while the pack o' boys entertained Dad at home. I can only imagine our days were much different.
 First we went to the Dells of Eau Claire. It was beautiful.

 A frog, no, he was not in the sky, just happened to capture a neat reflection :D
 Saving money on road paving?

 Then we went over to Rib Mountain.
Very old from a geological standpoint.

 Since it was very hot out, our hiking was cut short and replaced with rootbeer floats or shakes.

 Photo background of a Rubik's Cube made of Rubik's cubes for Frodo (Photo for Phrodo haha)

 Then it was off to set up camp.

 I'm secretly hoping this year we will actually be able to come home with the tent. The last few years we've come home with a pile for the dumpster due to bad storms during camp! HAHA!
 I know we have alot of birds but last I check we didn't have guineas. Our neighbor's birds over for a visit. Unfortunately we haven't seen the peacock. We miss him!

 And what would you do if you found such helmets?!
 Upcoming tournament.

 I'm finding more and more photos on my camera not taken by me....
 I know these two were from Marigold and she was very proud of them

 A toad up by the pool.
 Any number of odd photos taken by odd photographers.

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