July 9, 2017

Chivalry Camp 2017

 Bilbo, Kili and I drove down to the Chivalry Camp for the Medieval Games, Rosary Procession, and Dinner.  Bilbo was invited to join the knights in their games.


 In front of the curtain is a lovely statue of Our Lady of Fatima.  The American TFP has a deep devotion to Our Lady.

 In the background is Samwise holding a sword... while riding in the back of a mule (or whatever it is)
 Kili had an absolute time of his life.
 He loved sword fighting with the little guys... and taking the bigger men out by their knees.

 A local friend who was also at the camp.

 I was surprised to find that Pippin had made it all the way to the final 4 in the fencing tournament! He came in 3rd place!

 Arm wrestling on a board to see who can knock who off first, they must remain with their hands locked together.

 Pippin and Merry

 Bilbo trying his hand at it.

 Frodo and a friend were the two team captains and did an awesome job of directing the boys.  Here they are doing a run-through of the obstacle course.

 I missed the shot just after this precise moment when Frodo decided to do a backflip, or perhaps a backflop since the cushion was a bit soggy. (chuckle)

 Setting up for the Rosary Procession.
 Our Lady's guards (Frodo as one of them)
 Grand procession complete with a plethora of flags.

 The Medieval Banquet included several delicious pieces of meet, green bean casserole, rolls, salad and...
 ... this beautiful Chastity Cake. (Sam has a great picture...)

 Waiting, waiting, waiting for the boys to get home!

 Welcome Home Boys! Since it was also Rosie's Birthday, they were welcomed home with Birthday brownies.
Since Sam was at the Camp as an adult he took many, many pictures and included the beautiful letters we received nearly daily.  You can see these at his blog "The Master Hobby Geek" HERE He has a ton of awesome pictures, which you need to scroll down past the letters to view.

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