July 2, 2017

Bye-bye Duckies

 It's butchering day!
Bilbo and Kili scrubbing up some blue buckets
 It might be noted that a certain mom had to re-scrub the buckets.
 We had to get another chest freezer to house the ducks.
 As I stood here gazing lovingly on my beautiful white ducks Frodo asked me if I was going to cry. No, I wasn't, I didn't, I get the lifestyle of the hobby 'n eats farm.  If you are attached to my ducks then you might want to skim this very quickly....
 This stand is the head chopper-offer.


 Ok, this has nothing to do with ducks... somehow a picture of my newly made fresh homemade yogurt from raw cow's milk got in here. Hmmm...
 Yes, I needed some last minute photos shoots.

 And here we have some of the first ones.

 Merry was the duck catcher.
 After the removal of the heads (that was a delicate way to put it) they get dunked in boiling water.

 And in it goes into the plucker which is suppose to get all the feathers off.
Round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

 There there it be as naked as they got, which still left plenty of hand plucking.
 And the feathers come out the other end.  Our neighbors graciously lent us the use of their chicken plucker for the day.  We have great neighbors on our country block.

 Chop, chop. Our neighbor came to help.

 Pluck, pluck.

 Then they get dunked in cold water.

 Thinking about whether to join in the fun. Eowyn would rather be writing or reading a book!
 Kili was very serious about his job.

 Then they get gutted.

 Frodo making a headless puppet out of a duck. Seriously!
 Eowyn quit right about here. She went on lunch duty with glee!

 All seemed to laugh at my crossing their wings. So Frodo had them hanging out on the edge of the cold water bucket.

 I went in to get pizzas and found that the spudmobile was in town (did you know there is a spudmobile? me neither).

 Sealing the ducks in their cozy freezer bags.

Hanging out with our neighbors. What better way than working together to get ducks in the freezer. Hm... I think we forgot to give them one before they left.... Ooops....

Video of ducks

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