July 28, 2017

First Taekwondo Tournament

 Frodo attended his first tournament and did a great job!

 Thank you to Mr. C for these great pictures at the top of this post (much better camera than my phone). This is him doing his XMA (extreme martial arts). He did great for his very first try at it.  Video at the bottom.

 LOVE this picture!

 We have met some of the nicest people through our TKD school.  They are all so friendly, kind, and loving, like one big happy family.
 When we first got there we scoped out the "arena" There were about 20 mats in a convention center

 The demo team performed after the singing of the Korean and American National Anthems and the oaths for honest judges and fair playing competitors.

 First for XMA! YAY!

 1st for XMA, 1st for Weapons, 1st for Combat Sparring, 3rd for Sparring, 3rd for Forms

Video of his first try at XMA (extreme Martial arts)

Video of his form.

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