July 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Merry and All Things Trinity Acres and Beyond

 I just have a few pictures of our glorious Corpus Christi procession from my phone as Eleanor took most of the pictures on the camera that Sam has down at the Chivalry Camp the 4 oldest boys are attending as I type.  So... more to come :D

 We've doubled the amount of chicks since this picture was taken. Our turkey eggs never hatched and died :(
 Here are the ducklings outside. I really wish I had taken a video as they took the longest time trying to figure out how to get into the pool, even though I had made them a ramp. They kept going around and around and around, underneath the ramp.  It was quite comical.

The moisture got a little low so a few of the chicks had trouble getting out of the eggs so Frodo helped them out. Only one didn't make it for very long.

 2 flats of strawberries from the local farmer's market. Oh. Yum!
 Some of the older kids attended a dance. Here Frodo is dancing with his cousin.

 Someone has to hold up the walls.

 I'm not sure about this hairdo or rather a who-do.

 We went down with extended family to the Caves in Iowa. It was a splendid hike! Here Kili is petting a bull snake. Seriously, what is wrong with the boy... not to mention the man who has it wrapped around his arm.  Eeeeek!

 Grubby Boys

 Hmmm... I don't think this was what the dock was meant to be for.

 The view as we were driving home from Mass one morning.  Odd photo of a farmer driving a tractor with a dead cow in the bucket!
Not sure what this is or who took it??

 A variety of sizes of eggs from large to XL large, Jumbo, and Gigantor.

Happy 13th Birthday, Merry!  We now have 6 teens and 1 irresponsible tween. This makes 1/2 my children teenagers.
 Eowyn busy being a cartographer for her flat world.
...no we do not believe the world is flat, good grief,
it's her book world that is flat :D
 The 2 black belts who just had been tested for 4th degree and our master did an amazing form demonstration! We are so blessed to be in this Taekwondo School where they strive for excellence in all areas of life.

 Middle Stance.
Next belt test I'll have to find some camo hair things! :D

 Great way to celebrate one's birthday!

 Great job to a great group of kids... and adults!  

 These 7 from our house past the test from yellow belts to camo belts! Now they move into the next class of the school, out of beginning into the beginner advanced belts. The big excitement for that is they get to start sparring! Now we'll have 8 bags of sparring gear to lug around and clean!
 Next was Frodo's turn for the advanced belt testing.  Next belt text all 8 will be in the same one. Woohoo!

 When Frodo spars the black belts don't hold back! :D


 Since Frodos is "brown belt or above" he is required to break a board to pass.  This time with some kind of kick which he said was  a big challenge.

 Another great job!

 Frodo with his friend and TKD mentor Mr. Michaelis.  

 We enjoyed fireworks in a local town with friends.

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