July 2, 2017

Old World Wisconsin

 Field Trip to Old World Wisconsin.
 This is one of my favorite places.
 First stop was St. Peter's Catholic Church. All very familiar to us.
 Well, minus the big stove in the middle. This building came originally from Milwaukee  from 1839.
 Stations of the Cross
 Choir "hymnal"
 St. Joseph Side Altar
 Many members of our Young Ladies' Choir were present and we had the privilege to sing along with the organist on the pedal organ.

 And some didn't really sing all that much....
 The Blessed Virgin Mary side altar
 Old baptismal font

 Organist dressed in the time period.
 And even one little girl going to the back of the church. Was she naughty? (haha)
 High Altar. Yes! Traditional Latin Mass set up.... of course!

 Nifty pump organ, a bit like my  oldest girls have in their bedroom. Yes. A pump organ! Galadriel says it is good exercise :D
 Next we went to the Wagon shop. The fires get to 3000 degrees!

 After listening to the man, seems wheels of the time were a work of art.
 Next was the Mary Hafford Irish immigrant home.  She was a washer woman widow. In 17 years she had made enough money to build this house in 1885.

 This picture diorama (is that what it would be called?) was a memory box from  someone who had become a nun. Her long braid, floral wreathe. Really neat!

 I've been listening to the Little Britches series with the younger 1/2 of my children, mostly on the way to TKD and this was just like "Mary Emma and Company".

 After these 2 strapping young men were finished twisting the water out of this garment there was precious little water left in it :D

 Next was the Benson Home

 Then the Boot Shoppe

 Not sure what it is with Frodo with having to sniff everything.
 Obviously this was not his favorite, most desired scent!

 I'm always disappointed when we can't really go up the stairs.

 "Take a picture of me!" 
 At the four mile house.

 Making pie, well, actually, just rolling dough.

 Now everyone was starving.  But we stopped for a photo shoot groupie shot first.

 The Sanford House has been closed for what feels like forever.
 Taking the shuttle.
 Sheep pasture with animals... namely sheep...
 Harmony Town Hall
 Town Chairman?

 Ketola Family 1910 Immigrant Farm

 Rankinen Family 1890 Finnish Immigrant Farm

 Bilbo trying out the dual outhouse a friend.
 (but not really trying it out...)

 Pedersen Family 1890 Danish Immigrant Farm

 Dried Rhubarb

 1900 Raspberry School

 Kvaale Family 1860 Norwegian Immigrant Farm. Here they were taught how to spin wool.

In this same area somehow I missed the Fossebrekke Family 1840 Norwegian Settler's Cabin

 1860 Schulz Family Farm - German Immigrants
and the Koepsell 1880 farm
 Poppy with poppies
 Marigold with... peonies.

 Caldwell Farmer's Club Hall. This is the games area. They put on a little skit about the Little Red Hen.
 They were able to ride old-fashioned bicycles.
(there would be more pictures except that my phone/camera battery went dead...)

 Playing games with hoops.
Afterwards we picnicked at a park.

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