June 23, 2017

Sir Worthy Knight - 4th Degree

 Samwise was 4th Degree knighted with the Knights of Columbus.
 Just a couple days before hand we found out he needed a tuxedo.  Rental $200.  Purchase $250.  Seriously.  Our first attempt was one at Amazon, however there was a plane delay so it was unsure whether it would arrive so we went to a couple stores.  Men's Warehouse was great to work with and squeezed us in even though it was a very busy day for them.

 This is entirely candid.  What would you do while you were waiting for your neighbors to come pick you up for the ceremony?  Count how steps for how long your new flatbed trailer is.... naturally.

 While the men were busy with their knighting the ladies had a lovely time.  We chatted and had a lovely presentation on deafness and sign language. I will admit I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time.
 I won't get the names of the knights via colors but I saw colors I had never seen before. And in case you are wondering, 4th degree doesn't come with feathers and capes and swords. That's honor guard... and Sam has to pay for his tux first before he can start purchasing all that gear!  Someday!
 Sam and our grand knight grand neighbor.

 Sir Worth Knight... be thou worthy!

 Fr. Greg Ihm was knighted the same day! (He's our vocation director for the diocese)

 Couldn't resist a couple shots... the beautiful stained glass windows and stations of the Cross which reminded me of the ones at one of our churches when I was a child.

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