June 18, 2017

May and June Thingies

 A few of us worked at a brat stand for our parish. We actually rather enjoy it.

 Rub a dub dub 4 ducks in a kiddie pool
 Poppy stripe testing
 Merry stripe testing with Pippin on deck
 On May 31st our Bishop celebrated a Pontifical High Mass at a parish that hand't had a Latin Mass in some 50ish year.
 I found these drawings on my phone, they are for one of Eowyn's books.  I believe the artist is Rosie.

 So you hear about chickens and how they LOVE watermelon, well, these chickens don't. They stared at it with great curiosity and then shook the dust off their claws.

 This one, however, enjoyed it thoroughly.
 There is something wrong with this picture...

 This is not a bird.
 While cutting rhubarb, Kili decided to make hats. He was giving them away freely.
 At a grad party we visited Farmer Frannie and (our former lamb) Bruno.

 The excitement grows as the TKDers are sized for sparring gear. I have to say the kids really rallied to raise funds for their gear.

 Aragorn decided to get a new and bigger pool.

Corralling the ducks on a "moving day"
 Kili insisted on having his picture taken: "Take a picture of me! Take a picture of me!" (me-me-me)

 Digging for the bigger flat spot for the pool

 Since it is seemingly the "year of the birds" (in addition to the Year of Fatima), we have 29 new ducklings. It was suppose to be 30 but we were shorted one in shipment. But 30 is overkill.... 29 is doable...
 Adding sand to the flat pad

 Busy writing.... writing... writing... 
 setting out the initial pool border

 Had to divide the messy, very-fast-growing ducklings into 2 tubs.
 Up goes the metal side (is there a side to a round pool?)

 need more sand


 In the meantime, it's hot so Marigold and Kili are enjoying a water ball (shoots water out from a hose). It was a birthday give from Marigold's God parents. Fun fun fun!

 Grubby pools (changed daily at least), ever-white ducks.
 up up up it goes
 adding foam to the side walls

 in goes the liner
 We did pretty good with the liner but ended up with some gaps at the end when it was filled but imperfections remind us that things will be perfect later, I'm sure the pools in Heaven are grand. :D

 putting together the step ladder.
 Something's odd about these 2 pictures...

 My friends.
 Fresh homemade yogurt from raw milk... nothin' better.  
 As the pool was filling, Poppy was practicing her TKD. (if I ever get it loaded video below)

 We brought the ducklings outside and they loved their little swimming pad.

 Mr. M the younger once told me that he might need chest protectors when Pippin breaks boards.  Mr. M the  a-little-bit-older called Pippin (11 years old) up to break the brown board (the 18 year old's board).  He broke it!

 The Mr. M challenged him further with adding an extra board (green) behind it.  It didn't entirely break but was definitely bent.


Marigold and Kili giving roses to Mary :D
 One grubby boy (I guess there was a muddy broom fight while I was grocery shopping... muddy brooms???). I think he was trying to pose a little.

 Working on a little pool deck which is actually the top of "house" for the pumps and stuff.  I declared that my little "she-deck" since a "she-shed" is not very likely.
 Chicklets are hatching!

 Here we go again, more for the year of the birds.

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  1. Awesome post!
    The people Rosie drew are: Thomas Raswel (hero's brother), John Ralston (mentor), Clarence Watson (hero's cousin), Alexander Ralston (Mentor's son/he was actually fixed a little to look younger, later) and Blackjack (hero's father).