June 17, 2017

Wisconsin Veteran's Museum

 We went to a really amazing Veteran's Museum.  

 The presentation was pretty good

 Old Abe
 The manikins were very realistic

 Who doesn't love to see a Rosary from the Civil War? (well, probably lots of people, but I love to see these little tokens of Faith mixed in... especially in the liberal city of Madison.
 Sound the drums and the fife! I really enjoy Civil War music.
 Next to sacred things, guns are always  a hit.
 It had such a realistic flare  you really could envision being there.... without the horror of course.

 This canon had an interesting story about the man who had his arm blown off because he didn't know how to use it properly. (Who wouldn't know how to load a cannon? Just google it, right?)  That man didn't survive and the man who bought the now dead man's house, did the very same thing, blew his arm off.  However, this man survived. The statement "live and learn" must have come around sometime after that...

 "Are you my mummy?"
 More religious items. I wonder if there are any saints from these wars?

 This museum covers a number of wars, Civil, WWI and WWII, Vietnam, Korean and a number of others. All with people from Wisconsin... of course.

 After the presentation, we had some worksheets to fill out, sort of like a scavenger hunt only you can't take anything home with you.

Wooden chains are another thing I find very interesting. They are really amazing works of art.

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