June 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Marigold and Spring Stuff

 There was a $5 day for a local "Lumberjack Show" so we went. It was so hilarious I had tears coming out of my eyes.  It was a superb show. Can you tell how thrilled my hoodlums are?

 These lumber jacks had us laughing our fool heads off.

 There were all kinds of competitions. Yes, they are climbing up on those poles.

 Signing of your wood chip to take home. (well, it's more than a chip...)

 The day of the show also happened to be Marigold's 6th Birthday

 Happy Birthday 6th Marigold!!
 How in the world did she get to be 6?! She'll be in FIRST GRADE in the fall.  Unbelievable.
 Rogan the attack rooster in his little hut. He hasn't been dinner because Frodo is attached to him.  He now resides mostly in the barn...!

 Marigold just HAD to take a picture.

 Our Peking ducks. Enjoy them while you can, before we enjoy them on our plate. Poor duckies... grubby, messy little duckies. I loved it though. They were so much fun!!

 This is the year of the birds.

 Peacock signting

 Eowyn's class went on a field trip which they invited us to go. So I brought Marigold and Kili.
 Loved this fence. No one in our house shared my delight hence no pictures of us painting a fun fence.

 This just struck me as simply comical.  We have had over 100 chicks/ducklings and we are on a field trip to pet chicks.

 A lovely garden, too! This is at a local school of some kind or another.  And they do all sorts of neat science-y things.

 Once again Marigold HAD to take a picture.  Not sure what ails with Kili's face.

 Oh boy! A calf! Not something we don't see every day! :D

 Afterwards we waited for Eowyn out on the playground which is what these two wanted to do all along.

 Are you sick of our ducks yet?

 I am sick of things like worms... ewww... 

 While weeding the littles found an abandoned robin's egg in the radishes.  I did not take a picture of what happened after Kili was handling it (but there wasn't a robin big enough to see inside....)
 Found a lovely home for my lovely Fatima statue!

 Boy = Must ride anything with wheels that makes loud noise.

 Sam ran over a couple of turkey nests while doing hay and managed to salvage 3 eggs. So we put them in an incubator along with a bunch of our chicken eggs. As I type the chicks are hatching and we think the turkey eggs started to shake!
 The girls and I attended a First Communion of a lovely little girls.  Here she is holding a candle during the Credo.

 We went to their beautiful home for a delicious brunch.

 Afterwards we went to a graduation party.

 Back home on the wild frontier.

 Peacock sighting
Calf :D

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