July 28, 2017

Summer Things

 Summer picnic at Aragorn's brother's house.  They shot a raccoon out of a tree and the wee one was pulled out of the hole by... Frodo... of course. Cute little guy! (The raccoon, those Frodo is too haha!)

 What's not to love about a water table???!!! I still have fond memories of the one we had in Montessori school!
 No joke, we have SO many bats in our trusses, eaves or whatever they are called. I mean A LOT!  Of course, we don't have very many mosquitoes either. We'll keep the bats, they leave us alone.
 Fencing with Mr. Rex.

 Sword fighting in the living room

 We had a wonderful summer program "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and me" (JMJm).

 Donning the sparring gear!  
 Thanks to the SC of HFH for the lovely flowers.  They promptly went to the feet of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima at our church on July 13th...!
 Aragorn bought a slide for the pool.
 I missed most of JMJm this year as I got pink eye of all things. But made the first and last day anyway! This is the Eucharistic procession.

 Back yard furniture asssembling (or relaxation for some...)
 Moved the chicks outdoors (YAY!)
 Fresh broccoli ripened, soaked, blanched and placed in the freezer.
 TKD picnic in the park.
 Working on the slide.
 Or not working on the slide.
 Marigold swimming without her floatie.  That's plain scary.

 Watching an approaching storm.
 Still working on the slide.
 Storm's a-comin'
 Since Gander Mountain is going out of business, Aragorn got a great deal on the largest frying pan I've ever seen (not including paella pans)
 Ready to blanch.

We found Mr. Beaver in our field. He was as big as in the "new Narnia".  Aragorn thinks it was a woodchuck, but I've never seen a woodchuck that would go up to my waist or so. 
 We attended a First Mass of a priest who was newly ordained. The Mass was beautiful and the reception was lovely. Love these decorations.
 Fun on the slide.

 Eleanor was the proud owner of a brand new blow-up tug boat for all of $4. What a deal, who could resist? (Besides Darci :D)
 Frodo has been working on a "board walk" up to the pool.

 I don't know why this is on here but thought I'd post it in case someone forgot to take it off my phone and needed it. ???!
 Farmer Frannie gave us an awesome tour of the Dane Co. Fair.
 My nephew's fishing lures painted with nail polish. They were amazing.

 My niece's knitted bag and below is her drawing below (which is going to the state fair!)

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