July 9, 2017

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Rosie!

 Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Rosie!!

 We took her out to eat at Vintage Brewery. I couldn't resist some pictures of our interesting meals.  Rosie had gotten Chicken and Waffles.
 I got the Dixie Sandwich.  Chicken, macaroni and cheese, bbq sauce on a grilled cheese. It was definitely tasty.
 Hm... pained by life?
 Since we had no big boys around this week, the girls put together the wheelie-gig for the hose.

 Aragorn working on the wood shed with Bilbo.
 Picking black caps (black raspberries). There is a saying that the grass is always greener over the septic system, I learned that it is also true that black caps are always more abundant over the propane tank.  

 Meanwhile, Rosie was flattening out the dirt around the pool.  Perhaps we'll have grass there some day. Or watermelons since it is very sandy.
 Pretty mushroom growing out of one of the logs by our fire pit.
 I'm really wondering how many birds a family needs to have.  These are the banties and are very small and cute and pretty.
 Eleanor is our designated lawn mower driver.
 We spent the 4th of July at our friends' house with other friends. Yes, we do have friends, and great quality ones at that.

 This is just for my sake. they had very sturdy furniture and I wanted to remember the name to look it up.
 And this is a clothesline that I am also interested in... (excuse the commercials)
Our neighbors had a party over the weekend and borrowed our grill so here Aragorn and Bilbo are hauling it over there.

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