December 25, 2006

Our Tallest Tree Yet!

In 2005 we were in the midst of packing and moving so we had a mere 3 foot fake Christmas tree (the one I used back in my single teaching years). There was just no room for a real tree among all the boxes! So this year we somehow ended up with the tallest tree by far that we've ever had. Samwise measured it up to a mere 13-1/2 feet tall!

The tree itself, much to Sam's disappointment, is a little closer to Charlie Brown than to the gorgeous grand tree at our State Capitol. But we still like it and think it is lovely.... enough!

One does learn quickly that a couple "normal" strings of lights doesn't go far on a 13+ foot tree nor does 27 feet of garland. But we have plenty of ornaments to fill some of the gaps and enjoyed setting it up on the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Of course we set it up at least once a day every day after that, or at least the bottom few feet have needed a daily over-haul!

To avoid the bottom 1/4 only being decorated we brought in a step ladder and also did some decorating from up in the loft!

Here is Rosie checking out one of the upper-most decorations.


  1. Wow, how glorious!!! This looks like the tree in "It's a Wonderful Life"!

  2. What a beautiful tree Julie! You can totally tell this is a Catholic home with the religious pictures on the wall, and I especially like the contrast between the tree and the crucifix to the right of it.