September 14, 2008

First Day of School and Other Tidbits

Twas the night before school begins and the school was actually in order.

The littles library.

The first day of school. Eowyn and Galdriel share a desk.

Rosie and Eleanor share a desk.
We have always done uniforms and these were our favorites. Denim jumpers with a lovely embroidery on the front with polo shirts. Unfortunately our source for these closed their shop. Boys are suppose to wear polos and good clean jeans... but boys will be boys.

On the other side of the school Merry and Pippin share a desk.



Kewpie Doll

I guess Bilbo forgot to don his uniform.

The children watching one of the old Mr. Wizard shows on DVD. They love them and think they are hilarious. They are old time science shows.

This year the cicadas are quite thick. Oh the things mothers must endure for the sake of their children. The other day I went in to tuck the boys in, these boys who have collected a rather large sampling of dead bugs including a huge dragon fly. Well, this said night Frodo is giggling because "it" is making a funny noise. To my question "What is that?!" The boys inform me in their dead bug collection they have a LIVE toad... *in the house*. (Time ticked off purgatory that day.)


A friend of mind posted this prize winning pair of shoes. Heels for *babies*. Now I think I have seen everything!

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our nephew as he received his First Holy Communion!

Our nephew and our wonderful priest.

Their beautiful family

Labor of Love

This was my labor of love for our nephew who received his First Holy Communion. Since his next big duty will be to join his 2 boy cousins to serve at the Altar, I made him an Altar Boy Handbook.

Come to Mass Coloring Book
Altar Boy Audio CD for the parts of the Mass. I highly recommend this. Frodo listened to this over and over and was serving the TLM at 7.
I began the book with things about Altar Boys: proper deportment, obedience, black shoes (!!) etc.

These gorgeous pictures are from
Opposite the picture are the parts of the Mass in both Latin and English that both the Priest and Altar boy says.

Know Your Mass is a wonderful comic book style book that is just chuck full of information about the TLM. It's a must-have.

I wrapped up the gift in a beautifully embroidered pillow case from our parish's silent auction.


Eowyn turned 10 !!
In our household we celebrate birthdays and Baptism Days as well as feast days... anything for a piece of cake! :)

Mom's Wellies

Ok, I'm going to admit I have a hankering for Preppy clothes and shoes. Hey, I grew up in Skaneateles, what can you expect? I love Lands' End and LLBean. And now I finally have myself a pair of wellies... actually these are more accurately "Wallies" since I bought them at Wally-world.

Now tell me these aren't cute?!

Bilbo stepping into my boots!


Our wee bit of Ireland (though truly the pond doesn't actually look as nice as in this picture!)

My little cowboy

And cowgirl!


Grandpa chopping hay

Watermelon Harvest

If one watermelon can be said to be a harvest this is our watermelon harvest! Sam is very obviously tickled to death by his 20 pound watermelon!!

It was absolutely delicious! (and I'm not the biggest fan of watermelon)

Dinner Bell

One silly thing I always wanted was a dinner bell. And lo and behold my next door neighbors had a garage sale and were getting rid of theirs! But does anyone come when it's rung? Nope, because they are waiting for Mom to whistle! I think I need to get one of those whistles like Captain von Trapp had in The Sound of Music, I'm certain it's quite unlady-like of me to be whistling with 2 fingers in my mouth!

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