November 22, 2009

Rosary Making Day

There is a beautiful couple who attends Mass at one or other of the parishes in our Cluster who are very avid Rosary Makers..
... can you tell by their signs? I brought a friend of mine and several of my children for a Rosary Making Day.

For those of you who attend the local Divine Mercy Sunday event, this is the start of the lovely Divine Mercy Rosaries that they make and donate (see them hanging on the dish rack?). The Rosaries have clear beads on one side and red beads on the other. It's a labor of love.

They have the more interesting chapel in the corner of their back patio area. Right into the corner! I want one! of course I don't have a corner to put it in but maybe that can be arranged :)

Isn't this beautiful? There is a kneeler opposite this lovely little altar.

Included is a full set of Stations of the Cross.

You know, I had strategically arranged for Eleanor to stand in front of me... Ah well, I'm suppose to be learning humility.

Rosie and the Giant Rosaries.

Their doggie had shoes on!

Now my dear friend, Mrs. Rosary Maker came up with this idea. A crucifix at one end and a matching cross at the other with a bar in between with a full rosary. I thought this would be splendid for a mother who is up in the night with a nursling, she could keep this on a little table and say her rosary and keep track on the beads each time she gets up.

Mrs. Rosary Maker with her "laptop".

This is the "laptop". How clever, she tacked little beads to a board and made a full rosary.

This is the little desk where the rosaries are often made.

Sam learned quickest of all... he simply got it. I cannot say the same for myself, I was clumsy as all get out. I would blame Poppy but I was no better after she was off my lap!

Mr. Rosary Maker showing Mrs. R the ropes... or rather wires.

Eleanor with the hula hoop.

Eleanor on the swing. Are you getting the idea that this is an absolutely darling house?

Galadriel and Poppy. Poppy does smile, I know that is hard to believe she can get those plump cheeks up into smile mode.

Poppy enjoyed a nice nap with Mrs. R.

Sam was quite intrigued with the size of this pinecone. I want to see the tree it grew on!

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