March 22, 2015

Long Over Due Pictures

 I'm long over-due for pictures as Aragorn and I went over to Eurpose for an x-ray congress in Vienna and then a trip down to Rome.  I have over 900 pictures from the trip so I suppose my blogging will increase a bit.  It was a most fabulous trip.
 In the meantime my baby is turning into a tot rather quickly.
 We had 2 calves born in February. One survived, one didn't

 Kili eagerly awaiting a slice of Valentine's cake.
 Some of the older children went to a swing dance.
 Kili loves the velour silky feel of Eowyn's dress!
 Some mornings we awaken to a cow outside the window. Oh Joy...
 This was a bald eagle out in our field , I was too slow with the camera so he took off quicker than I could react.
 The abominable snow cutie.
 Friends' baby Katherine Rose was born the day before we left for Europe... actually she's the reason we left a day later.  Scheduled c-section and health of the mom and baby was top on our minds. Katherine was a hefty weighing in at some 9 pounds 14 oz at birth!!
 She's already 3 weeks old and weighing over 10 pounds. Sweet bundle of joy!
 Taking the pony-horse out for a spin.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We had a splendid Pontifical High Mass for Candlemas on Feb 2.  We are so blessed to have a Bishop who supports and says! the Traditional Latin Mass. Deo Gratias!

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  1. What a beautiful reason for not posting in a while (-: And such a statement on the sanctity, value and dignity of life to delay your trip for a day! Your pictures are always so uplifting. Thanks! (And sorry one calf didn't make it )-:)