December 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Bilbo

 Happy 8th Birthday, Bilbo!
 Birthday dinner with mom & dad at Journey.
 March of the animals
 I was out with Marigold when suddenly she said, "OH! I know how we get to Heaven! We climb up those clouds!"
 Sorting choir music.
 Organized choir music.

 Winter Band Concert with the homeschoolers. 
It was GREAT!

 Count down to Midnight Mass!

 Calling mommy... on a magnifying glass toy.... of course!
 The head fell off of one of our outdoor manger set's king.  Aragorn was gluing it back together when Kili came in with an over-sized band-aid to fix it.

 Now this is a family sized box of candy. When my 2 oldest boys saw it, they said it was just the right size for themselves.  Mega-family size box, teenage boy size box... pretty much synonymous!
Twas the night before Christmas all were stirring about...


  1. Happy Birthday Bilbo!

    The Band concert was fabulous!

  2. I know it was, I was playing