April 10, 2016

Just April Stuff

 It's that time of year, time to get out the haven't-shed-winter-fur-very-muddy ponies/horses.
 Old Dan seems to need a haircut.

 Kili always has to see the pictures we take of him.  I didn't even get this one snapped before he says, "See ME?"
 Note to self: check for leggings on little girls prior to pony rides.
 At 2 it's freak out on a pony one minute....
 .... to "Me do it myself" the next minute.

 When it isn't your turn on the pony, you can always just ride a saddle. At 2 it's all the same it seems.

 Still taking pictures of the Mary Garden while it is still decent to look at. One of the girls' friends commented that they notice we don't do any landscaping. "What?! This is our landscaping, weeds and all."
 Pigs, pigs, and more pigs. We now have 12 pigs.

 The making of a 16 year old's dagwood sandwich. Meat, cheese, jelly...
 I will just make my own, thank you!

 Poppy is an excellent reader at 6. (Can't say that for all my married-lifetime of 6 year olds). This is one of those pictures I put in the precious category.
 We were running low on steers for beef so it was time to look for some more. We have 5 good sized steers to add to the collection of misfit animals.

 The mobile pig-mobile. How many farmers does it take to move a pig pen?
 The most recent attempt to keep the driveway from washing out... a culvert.

 "Take picture of Me-Edmund" and these were his poses. No joke, he posed.  Do you recognize the similarity? :D

 What do you get when you cross a 2 year old with a croquet mallet?  A glass spider.
 It was my golden opportunity to use cool colored duct tape and all they could find was fluorescent green? Of course after I finished my duct-tape-art work they found my pretty flowered one. Golden opportunity missed....
 We had our milk cow get sick (the bald spots is her usual winter shedding).  Frodo spent alot of time nursing her back to health and after any number of days being down, she was back up again. Weak but up.
 Our homeschooling group's lego competition winners! Great job!
 Bilbo made a playground. This was the re-build-on-site as his happened to get dropped on the way in. He rallied!
 Poppy made "The Walls of Jericho came tumbling down"  (that one made me chuckle)
 Marigold made a haunted house. (seriously?!) I asked her why and in 4 year old wisdom she said, "Because"  I said, "Because why?" she said, "just beCAUSE!"
 Merry and Pipping made a caveman site.
We went to see the "Sound of Music" musical put on by a local Catholic middle/high school, St. Ambrose Academy. It was an absolutely AWESOME production. No pictures during the play, of course but they has some "life with the nuns" going on while people were being seated. It was so amazing how well they sang!  Absolutely EXCELLENT!

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